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Be Part Of the Conversation

Join us to be part of the group that inspires and shapes the future of fashion and retail. 

What Sets Us Apart

We seek to create more personal and meaningful points of connection among our members. Our events feature some of the industry’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs and executive leaders in accessible gatherings. In an industry that feels big, we strive for what is conversational, thoughtful and intelligent. 


What's meaningful?

The Future of Retail

Designing Next

The Retail Marketing Society is a community of creative and innovative retail professionals shaping the industry’s future through powerful insights, engaging conversations and winning collaborations.




An Inspired Conversation

Founded in 1965 in New York, RMS is driven by our unique and engaged membership of business and creative leaders from some of the world’s most dynamic companies. The industries represented in our brain trust conversations include creative design, advertising and marketing, finance and venture capital, innovation design, media and management consultancy among others. What our members have in common is a rich perspective and a desire to define retail’s next chapter.

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