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June 22, 2022




Sustainability is confusing. We have no common authority, focus, language, standards, or measurements that we agree on, making it difficult to create strategies. Yet:

  • Consumers are looking for guidance. Retail controls lots of space, time, and brand communication platforms through marketing and advertising that can help provide that guidance.

  • Retailers, unclear as to the new marketing standards, run the risk of making mistakes and alienating customers with false advertising claims, called “Greenwashing.”

  • Images and copy claim sustainable achievements and metrics that are often misleading, deceptive, or excessive and once exposed, further alienate customers. 


Join us as we cover these important issues:

  • What do “Carbon Footprints,” “Carbon Offsets,” “Carbon Neutral,” and “Net Zero” mean? 

  • What are the important guidelines from the U.N., FTC, SEC, & EU that we should know?

  • Which fashion brands and retailers do it right and which ones get it wrong?

  • What are the essential principles that fashion brands and retailers should follow to get started and stay on track?


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Bill D'Arienzo

Founder & Chief Brand Officer

WDA Brand Marketing Strategies

Bill has worked with many leading companies to help them craft their ESG strategies. In addition, Bill has created lectures in the Brand Management, Brand Strategies for Driving Sustainability and The Circular Economy Certificate Programs at FIT/NYC, and often presents in various venues on ESG & Circularity in the fashion space.



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Bill and WDA also serve as strategy advisors to, a soon to be launched web platform and app that enables consumers to assess whether brands and non-profits are adhering to their avowed promises on CSR/ESG standards. Conversely, it informs brands and non-profits if their business operations are aligned with their core or targeted consumer’s values, enabling the former, if needed, to re-align their operations with the values of key consumers.

Bill also serves as U.S. strategy adviser for, the #1 think tank and business development advisory in Italy for premium and luxury goods and one of the top 100 of global business consultancies.


Patrick McKeever, Jr.

President & Founder

The Daily on Retail

Patrick has followed retail for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Wall Street 313 LLC and The Daily on Retail in late 2018, he spent 11 years as a managing director, senior analyst and consumer sector head at MKM Partners. He has received a number of professional awards, including 2nd place in Multiline Retail for both 

stock picking and earnings estimation in the 2016 Thomson Reuters poll. He was awarded Top Stock Picker in Multiline Retail in the same poll, has been recognized in the Greenwich survey and has performed well in the institutional money manager voting process. He appears on CNBC and other networks to discuss retail and has been quoted extensively by industry publications and the financial press. Patrick started his career in equity research at Credit Suisse in New York.